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You guys this is beige and blue is not calm and last year Google announced a new Chromecast with the new Google TV platform. Now our new Chromecast is ready, but the favorite is Google TV. So, Google TV is like an Android TV update. Basically an update to Android TV that brings a new UI and a new name. Well, we have the new Chromecast with Google TV set up here. So, let’s take a look at the new Google TV that works. I want to show you this new Chromecast because I think this is great and is another solid alternative to Fire TV. Now the design is similar to the previous Chromecast, but this one has an oval shape on top. So, this connects to the back of the TV. So, the look doesn’t matter what’s important that it has 4K support for things like the Dolby Vision doll. Atmos also works very well, you will see a little bit with the remote which is the best remote. I’ve seen it both in terms of looks and buttons. I mean, it looks like e, and the best buttons are great and the highlight of this new Chromecast is the new Google TV platform.

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